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PTSD, living with trauma and forever wondering WHY??

The period of time I have reached in my blog right now, December 2016, is THE MOST traumatic time I've ever experienced in my life. This period of time, Christmas, and also my birthday, has changed forever, and has changed me forever.

Being pulled off the road by 5 police cars and arrested, when I was trying to protect my kids, haunts me.

Everything I'd ever said about social services was true. Social workers are evil, they lie and manipulate, and I'd stupidly trusted one, Laura Crutchley.

Fact: family courts steal children from innocent families based on false allegations

I was treated worse than a paedophile by Humberside police, who's officers gave biased, one-sided statements to court.

In fact, as I already knew, and the reason I refused to read any paperwork throughout this whole charade, the entire court bundle was composed of biased, one-sided statements, blatant lies in some cases.

But I knew it would be.

Hull Combined Court

It took me a few years to read all the paperwork. Doing this blog has unearthed yet more paperwork I didn't read at the time. The process is both painful and therapeutic. Putting everything together in a blog like this has exposed just what a massive set up it all was.

Quote Lord justice wall

Nowhere in their manufactured court bundle was my reports to the police, the CCTV cameras, the entire bundle was shockingly, but predictably, one-sided.

After having several meetings with social worker Laura Crutchley, in which she constantly reassured us that she would never separate us, that she was on our side, she now submitted a statement claiming I never engaged with her.

Almost the entire skeleton argument of East Riding Council was as a direct result of us being stalked and harassed, but there was absolutely no mention of our experiences.

Lime Properties, who were so happy with us while the rent was paid, submitted a statement saying they'd never been happy with us. Shortly after giving this statement, they used a company called Flex Maintenance to steal everything from the property in Easington. Absolutely everything was stolen from us, everything we ever owned. My boys lost all their childhood toys, our photos, my deceased dads wedding ring, a collection of 100+ pocket watches, every piece of furniture, white goods, over £1000 of camping equipment, all the boys games consoles, Ks entire collection of teddies, absolutely irreplaceable items, stolen, looted from the property.

Humberside police had not only perverted the course of justice in their blatantly manufactured charges, they also refused to respond to my 999 call when my property was being looted.

My children suffered immeasurably as a direct result of these actions.

Was it all really worth it?

Was it in any way justified?

Was stealing everything my children ever had in life, really protecting them?

Police complaint
Complaint submission

My question has always been, WHY?

Every statement submitted to court in support of East Ridings application for care, were proven during court proceedings to be baseless, false allegations.

Exactly like the Nottingham protection conference of 2013. The manufactured conference that forced me to leave Nottingham to escape the bullshit of lying professionals.

Who's lies were ADMITTED after I'd gone.


All I wanted was for my kids to enjoy their childhood. I'd not had the best childhood myself, and I wanted my kids to enjoy theirs. I wasn't perfect, but I single-handedly raised my boys, fed and clothed them, read stories and brushed teeth.

I'd taken my kids to almost every sealife centre, theme park, museum, dungeon, adventure park, along the English coast and inland. We'd been to South Wales, the Welsh national show caves, Blackpool, Yorkshire, Yarmouth, Essex, Devon, Cornwall.

I'd stepped in and educated D when he fell behind aged 6, due to undiagnosed and unrecognised dyslexia. I'd even given up years of my free time helping in the local primary school.

I'd home educated the boys while in Easington, and had glowing reports from the home education department. But in court it was claimed I wasn't providing a suitable education.

That I was neglecting them.

That they had suffered harm in my care.

The allegations were devastating. Not only that, but all these vile, biased, offensive statements had been sent to the boys dad, and read by his partner. Who disclosed this defamation to anyone who would listen.

And yet, within a few months of all these sworn statements, the court ordered assessments proved different. These lying bastards were all proven wrong in court. They helped destroy my kids lives, and even when proven liars in court, got to walk away without any accountability. That's what hurts the most.

I often wonder just how much the entire set up cost the tax payer in the end. And again, WHY?

All that money wasted, my barrister once disclosed that he had a 'flat fee of £6,000'. The cost to East Riding for their barrister, legal team, court costs etc, as well as the cost of foster care for 3 teenagers (£1500 a week for 6 months is around £40,000), the cost of the independent assessments, the supervised contact centre, FOR WHAT???

What did all this shit achieve exactly?

To then withdraw their flawed, malicious, full of bullshit care application on the first day of the final hearing?

So East Riding Council spent tens of thousands of pounds, to just hand my kids back to me at the end of the interim care order. When they couldn't back up all the shit they'd accused me of, they just dumped my traumatised, taken-hostage kids back on me. When I was homeless!!! With nothing!!

After destroying my once good reputation, taking my home, my kids, and absolutely everything we ever owned in life, they just dumped my kids back on me without so much as an apology.


My kids are all over 18 now, and are all significantly traumatised by what happened. They can't understand how the professionals involved got away with what happened. My youngest, K, struggles the most with processing everything. He holds significant complex emotions about the neighbour in Easington.

My boys are still being denied any support over what happened, despite having an active Education, Health, Care Plan, Nottinghamshire County Council are refusing to detail what happened to us in any legal document, meaning K cannot access any kind of therapy. He suffers PTSD symptoms and is terrified of police officers.

After all the court assessments proved me innocent of any neglect or harm of my boys, the person making multiple anonymous allegations, which formed the basis of the local authoritys application, should have been charged with harassment. But obviously that never happened. Nothing happened and nobody was held accountable over what happened to us in Easington.

And the vile, disgusting allegations that were proven lies in court, continue to blight my life. These records cannot be deleted, despite them being proven bullshit.

Nobody was held accountable for the trauma inflicted on my kids by the stalker in Easington who destroyed their lives. More harm was caused to the boys by the person who stalked and harassed us, than they could ever have experienced in my care.

So what was the point?

Do these lying bastards honestly think they 'saved' my kids from me?

Do they think my kids were 'protected' by their actions?

You could ask them now, or I could show you how they felt at the time. It's heart wrenching.

Text from D in care
Letter written by D in care


The one thing me and my kids have learned, is that there is no justice in the British justice system.

Judge Jack accepted lies and tore an innocent family apart, this judge is not fit for purpose.

Laura Crutchley is a danger to children, and has harmed my children in unmeasured ways.

Humberside police pervert justice, manufacture false charges and treat innocent people like shit.

I have zero respect for any of the above, nor for the neighbour who's stalking and harassment, and the devastation caused by it, should have seen her jailed.

I didn't deserve what happened to us.

My kids didn't deserve what happened.

This blog has confirmed for me, that what happened to us was criminal, on many levels. It wasn't me. They couldn't prove a damn thing against me, and I have all this evidence to verify my account.

My story has never changed. I've been subject to several court orders to silence me, electronic tagging, online trolling.

There's no point in revenge. I believe in karma. This is my truth. My pain. My trauma. And my fight back.

I hope you never forget me...

End forced adoption

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