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Over a grand in hotels? Just to 'abuse' a neighbour online I daren't live near? Make it make sense

Why would I waste thousands of pounds??

November 2016 drained me emotionally and financially, over a thousand pounds on hotels alone, moving every day to the next cheap Travelodge, while desperately looking for a place to live.

Our social worker Laura Crutchley, who was brimming with reassurances and verbal support during her assessment, started changing her tune. While she always said she would support a move, she wasn't prepared to actually do anything to help. She had also seen all my evidence of the vandalism, the letters from various authorities, the letters I'd had through the post. She'd seen the 3 CCTV cameras.

Since she'd been working with us, there had been a few 'unnamed source' reports but Laura had disclosed these to me, and we'd both agreed the contents were implausible and malicious. She had no concerns about me or my parenting, however she wasn't doing anything to help us. She knew I was too scared to even go into Humberside but she wasn't prepared to offer any kind of intervention, she'd seen all my evidence but she wouldn't get involved in the police warrant. Her advice was just to hand myself in.

She'd got her information, done her assessment, and now she'd ghost on us. Knowing we were in an impossible situation.

Never trust a social worker

Housing down south was, as expected, well out of my budget, but I still applied for anything I found. The only reply I got, wanted 2 grand, and with paying for hotels and fuel I had nothing like that left.

I'd heard nothing back from my application to Southwark council for urgent housing, so I followed it up, explaining our situation and asking for a face to face appointment to present the evidence I had in support of my application. I also urged the council to contact Laura Crutchley as I believed she would offer confirmation and support.

Email to Southwark housing

Southwark responded straight away, advising me to present at their offices in Peckham. So that's what we had to do.

Housing response

The boys were sick of travelling, so sometimes they came with me, other times they stayed at friends. I was always in constant contact with them when we were apart, but it was always me missing them more than them missing me. I ached for them, but I also hated this hotel life so I understood why they preferred staying at friends. It was close to the feeling of home.

Travelodge also did free breakfast for kids for each paying adult, and we soon realised breakfast was actually help yourself, so I started booking 2 breakfasts with some hotels, so that the 4 of us, me, D, B and K, would eat well at least once a day.

Nov 4 - Travelodge London City Airport

Hotel booking

Nov 5 - Nov 7 - Travelodge London Sidcup

Hotel booking

Nov 7 - Travelodge Grantham

Hotel booking

Nov 8 - London Heathrow

Hotel booking

I was exhausted, housing didn't go too well, and I was struggling financially. Our lives had been ripped apart by some obsessive, vindictive neighbours, yet I was the one wanted by police! For telling people, my friends online, what had been happening to us. Not only that, but her lies and malicious allegations were now perverting the course of justice. According to Humberside police, while spending hundreds of pounds choosing pokey hotel rooms in dubious areas over going home to my 4 bedroom mansion, I was deliberately harassing the neighbours I was running away from, by posting on my personal Facebook page that both the neighbours were blocked from seeing.

Let me just explain that once again:

Humberside police believed I'd chosen to waste hundreds of pounds on pokey hotel rooms in shitty areas, rather than live in my massive 4 bedroom mansion by the seaside, purely to 'abuse' my neighbours by posting my personal experiences with shitty neighbours on my profile that both neighbours were blocked from seeing.

Does that make sense?

No, and it didn't make sense to me either. The arrest warrant, issued literally 1 month after the manufactured restraining order, claimed I was repeatedly abusing the neighbours, and repeatedly naming them. Up to then, I wasn't. But fuck this bitch now, if I'm being accused of naming her, I'll fuckin name her then!

Named Jackie Lane

Sargent Neil Taylor also got back in touch about my complaint, that the police were ignoring my evidence and reports of harassment. But how was I supposed to present my evidence when they had an arrest warrant out for me? On fuck knows what manufactured, made up charges.

Email from police complaints
Evidence being ignored by Humberside police

Nov 10 - London Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

Nov 11 - London City Airport

Hotel booking

Nov 13 - London Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

Nov 14 - London Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

Nov 15 - Travelodge Grantham


On November 16th, despite knowing we were unable to live at home, suffering significant harassment, illegal surveillance, and now manufactured criminal charges, social worker Laura Crutchley closed her involvement with us, citing 'no concerns'.

No concerns? Maybe not with my parenting, but what about our situation? I was right about social care, getting paid for doing useless assessments that don't lead to any help whatsoever.

But she'd closed on us, so at least I knew that meant she considered I was keeping the boys safe. Or that's what I assumed.


The truth was she'd lied and coerced us into cooperation, to extract the information about the boys that was needed to build the set up 'care plans' to take them. After repeatedly promising my boys she'd never separate us, that was exactly what she was planning to do. But we didn't know that at the time. Stupidly, I trusted her word.

Letter from Laura Crutchley closing on us

Nov 17 - London Heathrow

Hotel booking

Nov 18 - Travelodge Lincoln

Hotel booking

Nov 20 - London Docklands

Hotel booking

Nov 21 - London Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

Nov 22 - Travelodge Grantham A1

Hotel booking

Nov 23 - London Stansted

Hotel booking

Nov 24 - London Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

The boys had enjoyed staying with their friends rather than keep moving between hotels, but once again somebody had to 'raise concerns'. Bear in mind Laura Crutchley, knowing everything that was going off, had just ended social cares' involvement with no concerns, but another social worker, visiting the family where the boys were staying, decided to make up some more bullshit. This was getting more than tedious, they knew what was happening, why were they so determined to hurt my kids, forcing them into the impossible exile I was struggling with?


But obviously, they needed the boys to have nowhere to go, to aid in the upcoming set up to take them. They couldn't leave me to find alternative accommodation, they had to pile as much pressure as possible on me. The boys were happy staying at friends, and the family were happy to have them. But the boys happiness had to be destroyed, that's the only way social services operate. Harm the kids as much as possible, then accuse the parent of emotional harm. Social workers were generally sick sociopaths, I'd never met one who actually cared about the kids.


Social care report

I knew they were using the kids like bait, to coerce me back into Humberside, straight into the corrupt Humberside police cells using their manufactured arrest warrant. Sick fucks. I wasn't falling for their shit. Plus I had way too much support, people all over the country were happy to help me, they could all see what a complete and utter set up this was by now, it was blatantly obvious.

Message asking someone to get my kids out of Humberside

Within hours of posting on Facebook asking anyone if they could get my kids and bring them to me, the boys were back with me. The fact so many people were prepared to help a wanted fugitive, risking possible charges themselves, was both humbling and empowering. These people kept me going, and they still do. I remain eternally grateful to these beautiful people.

Nov 27 - Travelodge Newark

Hotel booking

Nov 28 - London Heathrow

Hotel booking

Nov 29 - London Heathrow


On November 29th, Humberside police shot dead a guy, Lewis Skelton aged 31. My decision not to return to Humberside was compounded at this point. The corrupt fuckers shoot people dead! And the ones with guns drive round my property in Easington all the time, the next door neighbour who's wife couldn't leave us alone, was also armed police!

Fuck that! Made me wonder whether the guy even had an axe! Let's face it, they summonsed me to court for a middle finger at someone's house! Humberside, SCUMberside.

I could never go back, thanks to her next door.

How is she being harassed, when it was me running scared, hiding, in fear of my life?

Named her again


Total hotel costs for November 2016...

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