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Arrested for kidnapping my own kids, 2 days in custody, 2 court appearances, and an ankle tag..

On December 14th 2016, Humberside police misused their powers of protection to 'safeguard' my kids aged 12, 14 and 15 after they were left one night with their 19 year old brother.

Kids that were so well protected by their mother, me, that I could still 'kidnap' them from Humberside police protection.

What an absolute joke this police force was. And probably still is.

Humberside police had already manufactured false charges against me, to engineer a restraining order that the neighbour could claim I breached while she stalked my social media for any posts she could claim were about her. However, the fact I wasn't going into Humberside made arresting me difficult, the fake charges were not enough to send a nationwide arrest warrant out. But kidnapping was.

So after misusing their powers of protection after I refused to sign over my kids into care, they failed to actually protect my kids, who ended up back with me (see previous blog). Humberside then sent out an alert for kidnapping.

As I drove down the A15, my car was obviously flagged by Lincolnshire police ANPR, who pulled me over in force.

While sat in the back of the traffic car, I asked the officer what I'd been arrested for.

"Aiding and abetting a kidnap, abandonment of children and neglect of children" was the robotic response.

"So you're arresting me for simultaneously kidnapping and abandoning my own kids? How's that work then?"

Traffic cops might have some driving skills, but independent thinking is never an order-followers strong point, and the confused look on his face told me the wheel inside might be spinning, but the hamster was dead. I repeated my question,

"How am I being arrested for both kidnap, AND abandonment?"

He leaned to the side and spoke into his radio, then got out the car, got a torch out of the boot, and started searching the ground around my door where they'd put me in the car. So what he's arrested me for didn't make any sense, and he thinks I'm the one on drugs?? He's searching for drugs!!

The police arrest warrant sounded like someone had been smoking crack, but it wasn't me.

I knew it was over. They'd got my kids, and they were gonna send me to Newhall for daring to rescue them. After what seemed like forever, I was collected by Humberside and transported to Clough Road once again.

Solicitors timeline of events

As I'd evaded arrest for several months, I was denied bail and kept for court on the 16th. I was treated like a child murderer or paedophile by Humberside police, their custody suites are primitive and I found out in later successful litigation that no Humberside officers had ever been given any Equality Act training, and it showed. I felt I had nothing to lose at this point, and I loudly voiced my opinions. I spent so many hours kicking the cell door with the base of my feet that I developed bruising and blisters. I was denied toilet paper, drinking water, washing facilities, and was forced to stay in the same underwear I was arrested in for several days. Officers woke me throughout the night, and the lights were kept as bright as possible the whole time. By the time I was presented to court, my hair was wild and matted, and I stank of body odour and piss. I'd clearly slept several nights in the same clothes.

I could hear my son R and my mate who got the boys from Easington for me, in adjacent cells. They'd really pulled us all in like we were criminals? This set up was designed not to fail. I heard them both be released over time and was happy they were getting out, then it was just me and the odd drunk, shouting into our own echo chamber.

At some point, an officer came into my cell and attempted to hand me the court order for my kids.

"Fuck off" I glared at him.

"You need to read this" He gestured the paperwork towards me.

"You need to fuck off" I had nothing but contempt for these corrupt muppets.

"It's a court order"

"You want to fuck my head up some more while I'm locked up isolated, by giving me utter bullshit to read? FUCK OFF OUT OF MY CELL NOW YOU PRICK"

"What do you want me to do with it?"

I was losing my rag at this point, and I didn't care.

"STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE! I COULDNT GIVE A FUCK! PUT IT WITH MY POSSESSIONS! NOW GET THE FUCK OUT!" If I was the spitting type, I'd probably have spat at him. I despised these idiots.

As I expected, it was the manufactured care application, and a summons for me to attend Hull Combined Court on the 16th, if I hadn't been remanded into custody. So they were really acting like I would be jailed, because some vindictive bitch was relentlessly stalking my social media profiles using fake accounts, and claiming I was harassing her? We were really going there? I'd never approached or contacted this woman, yet she'd spent the past nearly 3 years obsessively stalking me and my social media, just to claim I'm harassing her? Make it make sense!

Court order to attend hearing about kids

I was still naive enough at this point, to think that justice would prevail, that the judge would see this for what it was, surely this corruption can't go right to the top? Somebody had to see it for what it was. I wasn't harassing anyone, I was sharing my opinions and experiences on my own social media pages. Throughout most of the time I was posting, I was never quite sure exactly which neighbour was actually doing the reporting, it could have been next door, or the CCTV guy across the road, so I always referred to 'the neighbours' when complaining about what they'd done to us, yet Jackie Lane had made statements claiming I'd been repeatedly naming her, and still nobody was seeing the irony that if she wasn't stalking me she wouldn't even know what I'd posted! It wasn't like I'd just taken against her, I couldn't honestly have cared less about her existence, she was actively stalking and harassing me! I was under illegal surveillance for fucks sake!!

I thought I'd get my chance to explain in court. How wrong I was.

Hull Magistrates Court

The judge was neither interested in my defence, nor any explanation. He instead tried intimidating me, booming down that I'd disrespected the authority of the court.

'Oh piss off' I thought, your court is a joke. The charges against me were totally nondescript, the dates of the offences didn't match up with the arrest warrant, no evidence was presented proving I'd deliberately breached the court order, I had no chance to obtain documentation to defend myself, my side was never presented. I was denied a fair trial, one of the fundamental basic human rights of anyone living in a modern democracy. The judge was dead right, I had absolutely zero respect for this clown court.

He sentenced me to 2 months on electronic tag. My curfew being 7pm to 7am. Criminalised me, for posting my own experiences of nightmare neighbours, on my own Facebook.

I was then shown out of the exit, still clutching my few possessions, and various court paperwork, in a police evidence bag, into the first daylight I'd seen for 2 days. A court official pointed me right, towards Hull Combined Court, and still wearing the same grotty clothing, stinking, acting and looking like I'd just emerged from a cave, I was then forced to stand in front of another judge, the dishonourable judge 'smoking crack' Jack.

Hull Combined Court

I'd had no opportunity to present any defence to the local authoritys care application, nor gather any paperwork. Yet another judge was denying me a fair trial. I took the stand, swore an oath, and explained everything as best I could. I told the judge that Laura was fully aware of our situation, that she had only just closed her support with us, but as I couldn't produce any paperwork to prove what I was saying, my evidence was dismissed.

Laura Crutchley then took the stand, swore an oath, and proceeded to lie through her teeth, claiming I was an 'unassessed risk' and that I 'didn't work with professionals'. The lying bitch then claimed under oath that my kids would be safer in care while I underwent assessment!

So the assessment we'd just cooperated with, that she closed in November, was purely to gather information about the boys to engineer a care plan. She had no intention of helping us in any way whatsoever. Her plan was to lie under oath and get my kids into care. The local authority even hid the assessment itself until later in proceedings, once again perverting justice by omission.

And her lies were accepted. Judge 'smoking crack' Jack accepted perjury and tore an innocent family apart, ordering my kids to be held hostage in care on an interim care order for 6 months, while more assessments were carried out. Scum judge, unfit for purpose. Scum social worker, danger to children.

East Ridings application for care

Let's go through their bullshit skeleton argument shall we?

  1. I was travelling around to avoid the harassment and illegal surveillance from the neighbours.

  2. Failed to provide education, but zero proof of this. In fact the entire 6 months my kids were in care, the only education they received was from me during contact sessions. East Riding failed to provide any education whatsoever for the whole 6 months.

  3. I thought we hadn't cooperated? But now you're saying you did speak to the kids. Nobody mentioned R being assessed as a carer. And we wasn't living at home due to HARASSMENT AND ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE FROM NEIGHBOURS, so how could you visit us at home?

  4. The children were complaining of headaches and didn't like the medication, which was a potent stimulant Methylphenidate. They wanted to stop taking them. The paediatrician East Riding got involved, Dr Grover, is a dangerous individual, and thought my kids were medical experiments. I don't regret my decision to withdraw their medication. Supervision for adverse effects of this controlled drug was non-existent under Dr Grover and I didn't trust her.

  5. We only had a chaotic lifestyle due to nearly 3 years of constant harassment, stalking and illegal surveillance by 2 specific neighbours in Easington. I have never experienced any issues with any neighbours before or since Easington.

  6. Going on like they were left starving, yet we'd only checked out of Travelodge Feltham on the 12th, just 2 DAYS before! They'd been left 1 night with their older brother, in a totally crime free village. I would have collected them within 24 hours.

  7. Rent arrears only came from being forced to pay for hotels, due to the HARASSMENT AND ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE BY THE NEIGHBOURS IN EASINGTON.

  8. The kids dad's partner, Claire, had been refusing to have the boys while we were struggling. She then helped their dad make a statement to court claiming they had the kids! Another lying bitch right there.

So you can see from the explanation above, the only allegations against me were caused by the neighbour stalking and harassing me. Had someone dealt with her malicious reporting, and stopped him across the road putting 3 CCTV cameras filming our every move, none of the above would apply.

Social services knew exactly what was happening, they ignored our side, and used it against me to kidnap my kids into the care system. That's absolute proven fact.

After being released from the 2nd court, I then had to get my car from I didn't know where, and get back to Netherfield before 7pm.

I believed the whole tagging thing was to anchor me to my house in Easington, making me an easier target for her next door to make up more bullshit allegations about me. So I gave the address of my nephews flat in Netherfield, where we sometimes stayed.

I wasn't staying under their illegal surveillance to be repeatedly arrested by corrupt police puppets.

I made my way on foot to the Marfleet estate.

Map court to Marfleet

I knew a guy there, and also knew where his girlfriend and mum lived. It was the closest people I could think of. My phone was still in my car, and I didn't even know where that was. I walked a good hour, knocked on the door of his girlfriends house, and he was in, laid on the sofa. He looked up at me. And laughed. I quickly explained what had happened.

"Can I borrow your phone to find out where my car is?"

I rang 101 and my car was located in Market Rasen police station car park.

"Can you get me a lift to market Rasen?"

Yet again, my mates came up trumps and saved the day. Within 20 mins, 2 lads turned up in a car, and after a quick strip wash in the bathroom, and binning my grotty underwear, I jumped in grateful for the lift.

Map Marfleet to market Rasen
Market Rasen police station

After collecting my car, and my mobile phone and bag, I sorted the lads out petrol money plus a bit extra for their time, and set off into rush hour traffic to get back to Netherfield for my 7pm curfew.

Map market Rasen to Netherfield

I put a shout out for R, but he had gone to my mums, who had happily taken the stance that I was a monster if the authorities said so. There was no love lost between me and my mum, I was a far superior parent than she had been, in every way possible. I wasn't interested in the opinion of a chronic alcoholic.

Shout out to my son R

The local authority were, once again, proposing assessments. Like dentists who constantly make you pay for check ups when treatment is needed, social workers obviously get paid for, or reach targets, by doing assessments. 'Seen to be doing something'. If we actually received payment for these assessments, we'd be loaded. But as I've always experienced, assessments never ever lead to any support. Ever.

La proposing more assessments

I texted Laura several times, the backstabbing snake. She'd known exactly what was going off and she'd blatantly allowed it, even encouraged it, as it made for the ideal trap. I'd be interested to know what kind of bonus she received for her part in this.

I still didn't understand how this had all happened, and composed a list of questions to put to the court.

Questions to the court

I tried to keep it cool on Facebook, I knew Jackie Lane would be gloating over every post.

Eventually, I made contact with the boys. They were safe, and together. They were with a really nice, older couple, who had a foster son of similar age. I was glad they were together. But they were desperately unhappy. I'd warned them about social services snatching kids from innocent parents, it was like living our worst nightmare. I promised my boys I'd fight this to the very end. They were coming back to mum, wherever I was. I swore to them I'd get them back.


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