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Arrested for kidnapping my own children from Humberside police protection

Going into December 2016, I was fully aware we wasn't going to have any kind of Christmas. I was spending every penny on hotels and fuel, and having to sneak home for a few hours, usually during the early hours, then rushing back out of Humberside before being seen and reported, meant I'd not organised anything.

It was weird though, despite being assured there was an active arrest warrant out for me, I was still driving around in my own car, and no other force was picking me up. So I was always dubious about whether there really was an arrest warrant, or if this was just another bullying tactic to spin me into chaos.

Parked next to ANPR police
Location Peterborough services

After staying with my mate for a few days, I booked us into another hotel down south. It was mad that I was getting Facebook memories of posts exposing the neighbours stalking and harassment from the year before, it had been going on for so long now.

Facebook memory about neighbour

Dec 5 - Travelodge Crystal Palace

Hotel booking

We couldn't go on like this, moving from hotel to hotel every night, it was ridiculous. I found a cheap 2 night stay at Travelodge Gatwick and decided to raise a complaint about my application to Southwark council. The meeting I had there went really badly, and I hoped they'd give me another chance.

Dec 6-8 - Travelodge Gatwick

Hotel booking


What I didn't know was, behind my back, and just 20 DAYS after closing her support with 'no concerns', social worker Laura Crutchley held a meeting with her managers where they decided to initiate child protection procedures. Laura knew exactly what our situation was when she closed her support just 20 days earlier, she knew we were travelling around, she'd seen the evidence, so this meeting was a blatant set up. She told us all she would never separate us, that she believed us, and we trusted her. Massive mistake. Massive.

Social services report


On December 7th 2016, while sat in Gatwick Travelodge watching BBC breakfast, I watched a story on stalking.

BBC story on stalking

The story resonated with me so much, I rang the BBC and told them about our situation. The researcher I spoke to, Niall, told me to email in the whole story, as it sounded complex, so I did.

I received the standard response from the BBC, so I forwarded the email to other press outlets, maybe this recent stalking story would get our situation recognised finally.

I'd cited Laura Crutchley as our supportive social worker, as I didn't know at this point that she had stabbed me in the back. So I texted her to let her know I'd named her as our support. I cringe now at the trust I placed in this snake.

Text to social worker

I also received another email about a property I'd been interested in, but once again it was a brick wall. They wanted a landlord reference, and I was unlikely to get that now I was in rent arrears. I hadn't been able to live at the property in Easington for the majority of the year, and certainly not in the last 4 months. R had been living alone with the dog.

I was getting nowhere with finding us somewhere to live.

Email about housing

After Gatwick, we went back to Feltham. I liked Feltham Travelodge, and had got friendly with one of the managers there. Her family had also suffered unwanted social services involvement so she sympathised with us. She could see the boys were well looked after and kept safe in my care. I booked us a 4 day stay, we were surrounded by Christmas decorations and people shopping, it was heartbreaking.

Dec 8-12 - Travelodge London Feltham

Hotel booking

I tried to get a glimpse of normality back, so I dug out some home education I'd taken with us, and set the boys to work.

But this was more to distract them from my visible pain, I was struggling to hold it together, I felt I'd failed them. Nobody was listening to our side, I was getting nowhere with housing, I was on the verge of collapse and financially broken. For the first time ever, we didn't have a Christmas to look forward to. As hard as I had tried, I'd failed them this time.

Lyrics from 'Alarm'

B and K in Travelodge

And then R rang me, in floods of tears. Our guinea pigs had died. We had brought the guinea pigs with us when we moved from our old house, so they wasn't young, but it still came as a shock. R was devastated, beside himself. The guinea pigs were really tame, and really friendly. Having to break this news to the boys in Feltham Travelodge, was hard, really hard. There was lots of tears, lots of anger towards the police and the neighbour. It was all totally justified, what was I meant to say?

I texted Laura Crutchley, still stupidly believing that she was on our side.

Text to Laura Crutchley

The local lads in the village rallied round to support R, and they even organised a little 'funeral' for the guinea pigs, placing them into a box and writing 'RIP' on the top. They said a few words together and shared a prayer, and recorded it so that D, B and K could watch. It was all really sweet and compassionate, these lads showed the true nature of the Easington residents, proving yet again how unwarranted our malicious neighbours ongoing campaign against us was.

It was so touching to see the lads treat our piggies with such dignity, but the boys still wanted to go home, they wanted to say goodbye to their piggies. How could I deny them that? But how was I meant to get them to an area where I'm risking arrest on unknown manufactured charges?

We left Feltham Travelodge on December 12th, and once again headed north.

I had spoken to R about the boys coming back home for a few nights, and he was encouraging. He assured me he'd kept the house tidy and that there had been no issues.

We talked about how Laura Crutchley had signed us off with no concerns, despite knowing how we were living. We concluded that social care obviously didn't have any safeguarding issues with the boys being in the village, that they had multiple neighbours around the area they were welcome at, it was only me in danger in that village, from the neighbour and her bully boy gang Humberside police.

"Yeah, bring them over mum, they'll be alright" famous last words.

I contacted my niece in Grimsby to ask if she would just nip the boys over Humber bridge and to Easington for me. Of course, was the immediate answer. I then contacted the family in Easington where B and K sometimes stayed, explained the situation, the boys wanted to say goodbye to the guinea pigs, would they mind watching over the boys while they were in the village, I'd be back for them in a few days. Again, these people were happy to help us.

My plan was to fly back down to London and just go sit in the housing office in Peckham, and beg for emergency accommodation.

Me and K in my nephews flat

We arrived in Nottingham and stayed that night at my nephews flat in Netherfield.

The next day, December 13th, we drove over to Grimsby and after spending some time with my niece and her kids, she took the boys and dropped them at our house in Easington. It was already dark at this point.

After checking the boys were home safe, and that they were all ok, I headed back to Nottingham and again stayed in my nephews flat in Netherfield.

I booked a Travelodge in London for the following night.

Dec 14 - Travelodge London Feltham

Hotel booking

I got up on December 14th, and after checking again that the boys were ok, I headed down to the hotel I'd booked.

I'd literally just checked in, when K sent a WhatsApp voice note to me. He was whispering and sounded scared. The police were there.

I messaged back not to worry, that R would sort things out, the police were just looking for me.

He then said, but the social worker is here too.

Laura? Laura Crutchley? What was she doing there?

I told K not to worry, that I would ring Laura now and find out what was going off.

Laura answered straight away, and immediately asked me to agree to a section 20. This is where a parent voluntarily puts their child into care.

Absolutely not! Was my furious response. What is the problem? She knew how we were living.

There's a problem with the house, unsafe environment. If I didn't agree to a section 20 care placement, the police would use their powers of protection.


I asked how they knew the boys were there, as they'd been dropped off less than 24 hours before. Apparently an anonymous caller had reported that I'd abandoned the boys for weeks and none of them knew where I was!

So that bitch next door was determined to fuck us over!

Dropping everything in my hotel room, I ran for the door.

"I'm on my way to get them" I told her.

She then passed the phone to a police officer, who said they'd be waiting for me to arrive, to arrest me for breaching a court order.

So my kids were being used as bait again. Sick, sick individuals. Child abusing scumbags.

I called everyone I could think of, to get my kids out of Easington.

The social worker and the police were now holding my kids hostage in an apparently 'unsafe environment' trying to goad me to return to face their manufactured charges. Evil scum.

Laura Crutchley had betrayed us. The two faced lying bitch had coerced us into trusting her, so she could stab me in the back and destroy my family. People like her didn't deserve to live. Pure evil child abuser.

My kids now had first hand experience of how social workers lie and manipulate situations to take kids into care. Everything I'd told them about social services was coming true, worse, it was happening to them. We were being set up, and ultimately they were the targets. I just stood in the way, and had to be fitted up on false charges. The boys were the profit in care, the medical experiments, the paedophiles prize, as lots of care kids are. Care meant abuse, when coupled with the word social.

The boys all escaped the house, B and K were whisked to my nieces by my neighbour from the next street, and D was taken to my mates in Hull, and my niece collected him and brought him to hers.

Reuniting with the three of them at my nieces, I piled them into the car. I had somewhere for us to go, and even a car to borrow. The boys were relieved to be back with me, despite the scary situation. I knew I had to go back now and face this shit, but I just wanted the boys safe, away from that lying bitch Laura snake Crutchley.

As we headed down the A15, I passed a traffic cop parked on a side road to my left. I warned the boys we might have a problem.

Keeping my eyes on my rear view mirror, I spotted the familiar blue lights approaching. I was being pulled over. I warned the boys I had to stop, and indicated into a side road.

We were then surrounded by about 5 police cars, eventually 7 turned up. 7 squad cars.

I was asked to step out of my car, and I was arrested for aiding and abetting a kidnap.

I was being arrested for kidnapping my own kids...

Arrested for kidnapping my own kids


Hotel costs for 2 weeks December 2016


The true cost of GENUINE HARASSMENT Aug 2016 - December 2016...

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