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October On The Run - 2016 Humberside are flexing an arrest warrant for breaching a faked court order

The predicted breach set up came just 35 days after the manufactured restraining order. Despite me being almost permanently away from Easington, in genuine fear of more false allegations, Mrs Lane still continued to report me, claiming harassment from posts she deliberately searched for.

Funny how me posting what was happening to us was being construed as 'abuse' rather than what we were going through, and at this point I wasn't actually naming names online, I was posting about 'the neighbours'. If Mrs Lane recognised herself in my posts, or as they say, if the boot fits, then maybe she should lace that bitch up.

To claim harassment you need to be in fear of violence, I was never home and always running scared, what exactly was she claiming she was scared of? I DIDN'T DARE GO HOME FFS! But nobody was listening to my side in this.

I booked another midweek break at Seawick, and found a hotel for the Sunday night before. I needed to be as far away from Humberside as I could possibly get.

Oct 2 - Premier Inn Peterborough

Hotel booking

Oct 3-Oct 7 - Seawick 10 berth 4 bed caravan

Caravan booking

I'd set up another Facebook profile for Harley Quinn, but to avoid being found in searches I changed the spelling. However, this profile was quickly shut down, apparently someone had reported to Facebook that I was imitating a celebrity!

Meanwhile, Humberside police continued to attend my home where R was still staying, looking to arrest me. They seemed to be attending in force, considering this whole situation centred around my personal postings on Facebook, that some obsessive woman was searching for, with the sole intention of causing ME, alarm harassment and distress.

I didn't have a clue what I was going to be wrongly accused of, and I did not trust this corrupt bunch of bully's in blue as far as I could drive away from them.


Oct 9 -



I got whatever I could together, and began to head south once again.


Oct 10 - Nottingham, friends house

Post about mates dog

Oct 11 - Travelodge London Heathrow

Hotel booking

Oct 13 - Travelodge London Exel

Hotel booking

We had returned to Hull to meet with Laura Crutchley several times before the arrest warrant was issued, and I was in regular mobile contact with her, but I was not about to hand myself in to face fake charges by a police force that was very obviously corrupt.

Laura acted really understanding and supportive, she repeatedly reassured the boys that she was not here to separate them from their mum, she promised the boys she would never do that, she could see that I was a good mum protecting her kids.

One of my biggest mistakes, was trusting her.


I'd raised a police complaint back in the August, but heard no more about it. When I chased this up, I was told a letter had been sent to my address. I explained I wasn't able to live at home while the police were ignoring my evidence and reports of harassment, so I was unable to receive mail. He said he'd get the investigating officer to email me a copy...


Oct 17 - Travelodge London Heathrow

I was desperate by now, the social worker Laura acted sympathetic but kept advising me to hand myself in. If I did that, this was never going to end, and I wasn't about to allow this corrupt police force to jail me on ridiculous made up charges. Laura said she'd help with a move though, so I started searching again. I set up an online petition, trying to raise any kind of interest from the press, anywhere.

Petition (later deleted)

Grateful for the social workers support, I attempted to sneak home.

Trusted the social worker

But I wasn't allowed any peace. Someone obviously tipped off Humberside police that I had returned, who turned up at my door, in force. My older boys were now well versed in what to say, and they denied I was in the house. Without a warrant, and without any genuine charges, forcing entry past my children obviously didn't appeal, and they left.

Shaking in fear, I stayed hidden for a little while longer, packing stuff like mad, silently crawling around my own home petrified they were coming back to force entry and search for me. I had to get out. I was so tired, so completely exhausted by all the travelling, I felt like collapsing. The boys didn't want to run again, but they didn't want me to be arrested, so after watching the passing MOD police jeeps, we quickly jumped in the car and I belted through the maze of villages, through Hull, and hit the motorway south.

While staying at my best mates in Peckham, I contacted Southwark council to register myself for housing. Laura Crutchley had repeatedly told me she would support a move, so I started the process of applying for housing in Southwark.


Oct 23 - Travelodge Peterborough

Hotel booking

While away, Laura informed me that there was indeed an active warrant out for my arrest. None of my friends could understand why any of this was happening, and I had plenty of support, and offers to hide us.


But I stayed around London, and actively stepped up my search for any kind of housing...


Oct 26 - Travelodge London Heathrow

Hotel booking

Oct 27 - Travelodge London Croydon

Hotel booking


Total hotel costs for October 2016...

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