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Fake police charges, more anonymous concerns, lead to another engineered conference - July 2016

In July 2016, just 3 years after the failed set up in Nottingham, which forced us to move, and just 1 year after the previous protection conference in East Riding concluded with no concerns, I was informed of yet another upcoming Child Protection Conference.

It wasn't much of a surprise, given that Humberside police had manufactured false charges against me, and attempted to turn an innocent situation with my son D into a domestic abuse incident. Anyone with experience of social services set ups, will recognise this type of 'script'. My life still felt like a shit version of The Truman Show.

CCTV a protection issue

Our other neighbours rallied round. The boys were well liked in the village, people didn't understand what the problem was. I'd done nothing more than respond to what had been done to me!

Love to the other neighbours

By July 28th I was getting angry. Yet again we were surrounded by neighbours who supported me, just like in Nottingham, yet the authorities were hell bent on demonising me and interfering with my family. Once again, I exploded on Facebook...

I spent more time posting on my Harley Quinn Facebook profile rather than my own, I felt it was my original profile that had been compromised and was being stalked.

My social media was really my only outlet, and I called out what was happening regularly. Many friends commented support and their own confusion of the ongoing events, but theres a saying about people...

'The same people clapping your coronation will be cheering your beheading. People love a good show'.

Swapping profiles


Unknown to me at the time, on the same day July 28th, an anonymous caller started making up and reporting more anonymous concerns. All part of the script.

I need to point out right now, that apart from the flurry of anonymous concerns reported just before the 2015 conference, that there had been ABSOLUTELY NOTHING reported after the 2015 conference, until the 2016 conference was being engineered. All part of an obvious script.

Anonymous report to social services

The anonymous report from 'unnamed source' immediately led with my Facebook posts. Now, if concerns about children's welfare included violence, drugs, and alcohol, surely these concerns would be paramount, over what mum might have been posting on social media.

The fact this concern prioritised my Facebook posts over violence and drugs, should tell you everything you need to know about this whole situation. It was being engineered to silence me. To prevent me exposing what was happening to us, again.

They were engineering another multiagency set up, to get my disabled kids into the lucrative private fostering system.

THEY, wanted to drug and experiment on my autistic sons, after causing my youngest son to defend himself against physical abuse in primary school. They wanted to sedate him with powerful prescription drugs. To hide his abuse. I protected my kids from being drugged, not exposing them to drugs.

I hadn't attended a protest since the year before, yet no concerns were raised at that time about this. I only took 1 of the boys, D, (see linked post at the end), so that information was complete bullshit.

I was driving so much it would have been impossible to be on drugs and alcohol, Humberside police had been round several times, and there was constant CCTV from across the road, yet no sign of any actual evidence being offered. Just anonymous concerns. So again, utter bullshit.

I don't know where the violence allegation came from, just more made up shit.

It was an obvious set up.


Professionals care more about money than kids

The supportive neighbours offered to have the boys to keep them away from the cameras, and I headed back down south, where I started raising complaints and preparing for the upcoming protection conference.


2 days after the last 'concern' was raised, the same 'unnamed source' reported yet more concerns, this time that I'd just left the boys all alone while I disappeared to London.

I'd just like to point out at this point, that my boys were aged 12, nearly 14, nearly 15, and 19, these were not toddlers they were big lads, all but one of them teenagers, and the youngest 2 were staying at their mates on another street! My nearly 15 year old being watched by the neighbours down the same street as us.

But the authorities don't let facts get in the way when there's an 'unnamed source' giving a completely unrealistic version of events.

Interesting that this 'unnamed source' not only knew where I'd gone, but also knew that the family my boys were with, were also 'known to social services'. Now how would anyone know such personal information? And why was staying at their friends while I'm away, suddenly a 'concern'?

Who the hell is so concerned?? About what? WHO IS THE 'SHE' IN THESE REPORTS???


I limited my posts around this time, keeping things more on the low. Whoever was watching my original Facebook profile was ghosted.


And, true to the obviously scripted set up that this was, the anonymous concerns continued to be raised. Only the next one, less than a week after the last, was disgusting. Truly disgusting. Whoever this person was, had a sick mind. There was something pathetically desperate about the next anonymous report. But the wording was grotesque. This woman was sick. And twisted.

Remember, due to this ongoing harassment, stalking, and filming us, we'd barely been at home. Yet this sick woman was now making up the most vile accusations. 'She', needed to make up her nasty mind, was I abandoning my kids, or abusing them? Was the incident with D a domestic incident, or a suicide attempt (that was a new one)?

Again, in a set up, everything is completely illogical.

This behaviour is also called 'Gaslighting'.


I kept my posts on my Harley Quinn Facebook profile, it definitely seemed safer for me.

Until Facebook, without warning or explanation, closed my profile. Permanently deleted. The profile they couldn't hack, or spy on, they had got it shut down instead.

But I was legally Harley Quinn now, I'd changed my name by deed poll.

They were taking Harley Quinn to court, and taking Harley Quinn to their engineered bullshit child protection conference.

I was ready for them, again.

With plenty of evidence and my own conference report...

ICPC 2016 cover pic
ICPC my conclusion

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